Roboworld Makes Waves at ETH Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh 2022


Roboworld at ETHVietnam 2022

Roboworld, The Reality - Verse Trading Card Game honor made an appearance at the recent ETH Vietnam conference in Ho Chi Minh City, a global blockchain event series that aims to empower and unite the blockchain community in Vietnam. The event was attended by major blockchain and cryptocurrency entities from around the world, making it a great opportunity for Roboworld to showcase its innovative project and connect with other members of the blockchain community.

Le Phi Hung, also known as Louis Le, the CTO of Roboworld, gave a presentation on the project during the conference. In his presentation, he introduced Roboworld as an (AR) Augmented Reality trading card game that combines blockchain technology and digital art to create unique NFTs and engaging experiences for users.

"Roboworld is not just a normal trading card game. We want to bring the childhood dreams of Yu-Gi-Oh! fans to life, by allowing them to see their monsters/characters come alive - just like you, like me, like us..." said Louis

"We're excited to showcase our project at ETH Vietnam, and we're looking forward to connecting with others in the blockchain community."

By leveraging blockchain technology, Roboworld is able to create a fair and secure trading environment for users to play, collect, earn, and trade with ease.

"Roboworld's presence at ETH Vietnam was a great opportunity for us to connect with other members of the blockchain community and showcase our project to a wider audience. We're grateful for the positive feedback we received and we're excited to continue building and improving the game for our users." Roboworld's CTO said

Roboworld's participation in ETH Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh 2022 was a success, and the project continues to gain interest and attention from the blockchain and gaming communities. As the project moves forward, it will be exciting to see how Roboworld continues to innovate and push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of blockchain gaming.

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