What is Staking?

Staking mechanisms are quickly gaining popularity in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. This innovative concept allows users to hold a project's tokens in a vault and receive a yield based on the number of tokens they hold. Staking not only incentivizes users to hold and use a project's tokens, but it also helps to contribute to the network and support its operations.

Roboworld Staking

Roboworld | The Reality - Verse Trading Card Game, is a prime example of a project that uses a staking mechanism to incentivize its users. Roboworld offers users several types of Boxes of varying rarity, and these Boxes can be staked in a Staking pool. By staking these Boxes, users can earn a profit from the profits generated from Pool Staking activities.

Roboworld Staking Pool

Roboworld has two main types of Staking pools - the Community Pool and the Treasury Pool.

The Community Pool

The Community Pool is a type of Pool Staking that anyone who owns Roboworld Boxes can participate in. This pool allows users to receive the APR with each box having its APR rate. The amount of each user's distribution will depend on the ratio of the boxes they stake to the total number of boxes staked in the pool. On the other hand, users can open the Box to get the Roboworld NFTs (Robot Card).

The Treasury Pool

Roboworld also has a more advanced type of Pool Staking for the game's partners called the Treasury Pool. Partners can stake exclusive boxes and get a higher percentage of the game's profit, up to 20%. To meet the needs of investment partners, Roboworld has chosen to use extremely rare Boxes as a staking source, which is called NFT Diamond Box (NDB). Same with other boxes, NDB could be opened and get 100% Legendary Roboworld NFTs (Robot Card).


Staking mechanisms like those used in Roboworld are an exciting development in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, providing incentives for users to contribute to the development of a project while also earning a profit from their participation.

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